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All Catholics are called to mission, working to build the kingdom of
God in one’s family and in one’s workplace and spreading the Christian
message of love to those who do not know Christ. All baptized people
are like shoots attached to the vine, and can thus cooperate in Jesus’
mission”. The work of missions, “if not driven by love, are reduced to
a philanthropic and social activity,” while the Christian missionary
must be inspired by “the good news that God is love and, precisely for
this reason, wants to save the world.”
The mission is then, a workshop with room for everyone for people
committed to fulfilling the kingdom of God in their family; for people
who live their professional lives with a Christian Spirit; for people
totally consecrated to the Lord;… for people who go with specific
intention of announcing Christ to those who do not yet know him.”

– Pope Benedict XVI
at World Mission day, St. Peter’s

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