About Us

We are a Catholic Community located in Bangalore, India . We come together in the Lord who seek to support one and another as disciples and to serve in common mission. We come into existence in response to a call from the Lord. We meet every alternative Sunday afternoon for
charismatic praise, worship, hearing the word of God and fellowship with other community members. Most of us are working people from different walks of life.

We are affiliated to Christ the King Association in The Sword of the SpiritThe Sword of the Spirit  is an ecumenical community of disciples, within which Christ the King  Association is an International Charismatic Catholic Association of  Communities dedicated to serving Christ in his Church through the  development and support of covenant community life.  Members of our community enter into a relationship which is based upon  a covenant commitment. As members, we can count on our brothers and  sisters and upon the community to support us in living our call. In  return, we take on responsibilities towards our brothers and sisters  and towards the body so that together, individually and corporately, we  might live our call. The covenant we commit ourselves to is a  foundation of our community life. Currently we have a total of 56 members including adults and children.

Our Spirituality

  • A Discipleship Spirituality
  • A Communitarian Spirituality
  • A Missionary Spirituality
  • A God -centered Trinitarian Spirituality
  • A Charismatic Spirituality
  • A Lay Spirituality
  • An Ecumenically convergent Spirituality
  • A Liturgical Spirituality

Our Way of Life

  • We desire to love God through lives of Holiness and daily prayer and worship.
  • We desire to be eager, joyful, consistent Christians who glorify God the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.
  • As disciples of Christ, we desire to follow him faithfully, even through trials.
  • We desire to live an active liturgical and sacramental life.
  • We desire to be good members of the universal and local church.