Community Life

Basic community personal participation

  • participates faithfully in the community
– attends the community gatherings and  events
– attends men’s/women’s groups (community care groups)
– attends instruction given for the whole community.
  • seeks the input of the leadership of the community in significant decisions and problems.
  • supports the community and outreaches financially
– gives at least 10% of income to church and community
– financially helps the needy in the community as able

Community way of life

  • seeks to follow and responsibly apply basic community instruction in his or her life.

Community mission

  • supports the community mission through intercession, financial support and personal involvement
– gives an outreach contribution according to the community policy of Christ the King Association
– gives some amount of time to community service (e.g., one night a week)
Note: community leaders can agree to have this done in non– community contexts.

Community living

  • is at peace with all in the community as far as it depends on him  or her
  • respects and follows the pattern of government in the community,  with the coordinators responsible to oversee and govern the life of the community as a whole
  • handles disagreement over community instruction and patterns of life and order according to Catholic teaching and the instruction of
    the community for this area (i.e., does not handle disagreements in a factious or scandalous manner)
  • embraces the ecumenical call of Christ the King Association
  • relates in common situations with Christians from other churches and traditions according to the ecumenical approach of Christ the King Association
  • shows Christian hospitality to visitors, especially visitors from other communities