Good Membership

The elements of good membership

There are certain things we need to do to live as a community of disciples effectively in the modern world. If we do not do them, we will not be able to continue such a life for long. We therefore commit ourselves to do these things together, and accept them as criteria for  good membership in the community.


A good member of our community:

Christian Basics

Basic initiation

  • has been incorporated into the Catholic Church
  • has received Christian baptism
  • has experienced spiritual renewal
  • has had a personal conversion to Christ
  • has had a genuine experience of the presence, power, and gifts of
    the Holy Spirit (has been “baptized in the Holy Spirit”)

Ongoing establishment

  • accepts Catholic doctrine
  • keeps the commandments: is not living in serious sin
  • actively participates in the life of the Catholic Church
  • accepts Christians from other churches and traditions as brothers and sisters in the Lord

Personal Relationship with the Lord

Coming before the Lord

  • takes a regular time of praise and adoration, and scripture reading or study
  • has regular family prayer