Our History

It was in the year 2006, that Colin and Priya started praying about forming a Local Community. The Lord had put a desire for LocalCommunity in their heart during their time with the Institute for World Evangelization-ICPE Mission

Having worked as full time missionaries in Bangalore for many years, they felt that Bangalore was ready for a Local Community.

One of Colin’s friends Ravi Naidu, kept telling Colin that “we should do something in Bangalore”, while they travelled on various missions. During one of Colin’s missions to Kristu Kiran Parivar in Pune, Luke Lobo the co-ordinator of the group shared about the Sword of the Spirit Community.

In Dec 2006, the Lord lead Colin & Priya to move out of the ICPE mission and start “Spread Your Wings” – An Institute for Growth & Development.

It was after this that the thought of forming a Local Community took shape. In the month of April Neville Fernandes, Vipin Williams and Colin travelled to Vasai at the invitation of Romeo the coordinator of the Good Shepherd community to meet Ken Noecker of the Sword of the Spirit. After the day long meeting with Ken, the three of us while flying back home, felt convinced in our spirit that this was what the Lord was calling us to.

After sharing with our spouses, we decided to have our first community meeting on the 1st of May 2007. And so the People of Praise Covenant Community was born in affiliation with Sword of the Spirit. The community started with four couples and seven children, comprising of Colin, Priya and their two children, Neville, Vanitha and their two boys, Vipin, Shyla and their daughter and Ravi, Archana and their two children.