Our Spirituality

Our SpiritualityAs disciples of the Lord, we seek to live orthodox Christianity in its Catholic fullness. In response to our call and our Covenant commitment, we live our Christian lives in a way that expresses our call and vision and makes them effective in our circumstances. We therefore have a spirituality that expresses the life the Lord has called us to live in the world today.

Our Spirituality

Characteristics Drawn from Our Identity

  • A Discipleship Spirituality
We have given our lives fully to God and radically follow our Lord Jesus Christ,so that all we are and do might be for the glory of God and further his Kingdom.

  • A Communitarian Spirituality
We live our Christian lives in Covenant with and for Christian brothers and sisters.

  • A Missionary Spirituality
We seek to live our Christian lives in the way that most promotes the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the salvation of all people.

Other Foundational Characteristics

  • A God-centered Trinitarian Spirituality
We seek to have our lives centered on God the Father by living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We do so by praising and worshipping him, by living in obedience to him, and by serving to extend his Kingdom.


  • A Scriptural and Traditional Spirituality
We seek to have our lives formed by the Word of God in scripture so that we believe it and do it in the way the Catholic Church has interpreted it through the centuries.


  • A Charismatic Spirituality
We seek to live for God and to worship in a way that is formed by His Word but also empowered by his Spirit, who gives us the ability to live what we are called to and who equips us for worship and service.


  • A Lay Spirituality
We seek to live our Christian life with Christian character all day long in all the circumstances of life and to be a leaven for the world; and we seek to do so according to the vocation the Lord has given us, young or old, male or female, married
or single, lay or clerical.


  • An Ecumenically Convergent Spirituality
We seek to live our Christian life in a way that will further the unity of God’s people, seeking to find a convergent way of expressing our Christian life in harmony with our Catholic identity.


  • A Liturgical Spirituality
We seek to pray and worship God in accord with the liturgy of the church and to draw spiritual life from celebration of the liturgy.