Order in Relationships

Order in relationships as Married or  Single

Family relationships

  • follows good order in the husband–wife relationship
– the husband takes responsibility for his wife and children.
– the wife supports her husband in his role as head of the family.
– they have a regular husband/wife meeting.
  • seeks with spouse, as father or mother, to raise the children as sons and daughters of God.
– they seek to maintain obedience, respect and good order in the home.
– they seek to hand on the faith to their children.
– they seek to lead their children to observe community instruction as it applies to them and helps them to appropriate it internally.
– they seek the input and guidance of their community leaders in this area.


Relationships as a single person

  • relates as a brother or sister to members of the opposite sex.
  • approaches pairing off and courtship according to community instruction.
  • honors parents appropriately.

Relationships as one living single for the Lord

  • lives according to the Covenant or rule of life he or she has chosen.

Relating to Modern Life

Basic protections

  • uses media in a wise, limited way.
  • lives a simple lifestyle as appropriate to his or her responsibilities in life.