Our way of Life

As disciples of the Lord, we want to live consistently for the Lord’s glory and the advancement of His cause. We want to follow Him not in words alone but in deed and truth. We therefore have a daily life ideal of what we want to be and how we want to live so that we can fully respond to the call we have.

Our Daily Life Ideal

  • We desire to be eager, joyful, consistent Christians who glorify God the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.
  • We desire to love God through lives of holiness and daily prayer and worship.
  • As disciples of Christ, we desire to follow Him faithfully, even through trials.
  • We desire to live an active liturgical and sacramental life.
  • We desire to be good members of the Universal and local Church.
  • We desire to actively work to spread the gospel and to strengthen the Universal and local Church.
  • We desire to be good stewards of our time and resources.
  • We desire to maintain the Christian way of life as practiced through the centuries as well adapted as possible to modern circumstances but upholding integral elements even when those elements may not be recognized by all Christians today, including:
– relationships of peace
– speech that builds up
– faithfulness to commitments
– respect for order and authority

  • We desire to be good members of a body of Christians who together desire to be disciples of Christ and serve the Lord:
– with a readiness for service
– active in maintaining brotherly/sisterly relations with other community members, living with all the other members in Christian love
– desiring to know our deficiencies and seek the help of others in overcoming them
– using our men’s and our women’s groups and our relationship with a community leader to grow in the Lord and in our common way of life.